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Find out the fun and satisfaction in making something with your hands. Can you imagine dressing your baby in your own creations?

Craft & Mama has designed a selection of KITS with all you need to make it possible, everything in a very cute box: Patterns size 0 to 24 months, step by step instructions to walk you through it, precious fabric for a garment and haberdashery ( buttons, elastic... )

Whether you're a mom, grandma or just have to give away baby items, you're going to love our DIY KITS

Haven't you ever sewn? You can learn! Follow our comprehensive and easy instructions, or check the tutorials in the website. If you feel in trouble at any point of your project, just let us know, and we'll kindly try to help you

We want to share with you ideas and DIY projects, and you can download free patterns from here!

Why Craft & Mama Kits?

While the price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, human rights and environmental costs have grown dramatically. We want to be part of the change, it's our responsability, so we've designed Craft & Mama KITS. They're a sensible and eco investment: Boxes are made form recicled paper, fabrics come from local suppliers, and instructions and patterns are reusable: you can sew make many clothes, as your baby grows, with just a purchase

Enjoy creating!

Craft & Mama team